The Cameras


Fuji X-T20 My go-to camera for photo excursions. It feels like shooting film in the Canon AT-1. The settings and dials are similar, the size and weight of the camera is similar, and the quality of resulting photos is superb. Even though I would like to, I can’t always shoot film – it’s pricey and not quite as versatile as digital. This camera is my solution.

iPhone XS As the saying goes, the best camera is the one that’s with you. The iPhone is nearly always with me and its camera is pretty great for a phone. The software available to edit these photos is also quite impressive… I use VSCO most of the time.

Canon 5D Mark III This is the big daddy. Professional portraits or buttery bokeh… for awesome depth of field or quality for prints – this is the camera I use. Along with the glass lenses, it can be a bit hefty to tote around, but the images prove worth the effort.

Panasonic Lumix ZS100 Hiking and travel have shown me the need for something I could fit in my pocket, that wouldn’t weigh me down, and still provides a good level of manual control and quality images. Compact and a quality zoom lens, this little camera is the latest addition to my collection and is great for photographing adventures.


Argus Super Seventy-Five This was my grandma’s camera. She gave it to me, and it has been fun to shoot. The challenge is finding film – as it takes 620 – which is no longer in production. I ordered some old, expired 620 film and it came out slightly discolored but fine. I have also used 120 film, but the reels this film comes on are too large for the camera and make it very difficult to wind. You can transfer 120 to 620 reels to use in the Argus, which I’ve also tried and this has resulted in the best shooting experience.

Canon AT-1 I love this 35mm camera. I found it in a pawn shop in Louisiana, and bought it with the understanding that it might or might not work. The viewfinder was dirty and scratched, but my test shots turned out great… the lens was clear. I had to re-do the light seal on the camera body, but that was a fairly easy fix. Shooting film, taking time to adjust all the settings, getting my subject in focus… this camera is a joy.