CrunchDay no. 2

Upper Holter is one of our favorite places to take the boat out for a day of fishing and relaxing on the water. It’s far enough away that it really feels like a getaway from our standard surroundings, but not so far that you spend more time in the truck driving there than enjoying the outdoors.

gates fishing-27

gates fishing-11

Of course, if the boat and J are involved, there’s got to be some fishing. The collection of lures got a workout this day, as we tried to figure out what the fish wanted. The weather was a little strange, and the fish weren’t interested in much, but it was still a great time. I’m fine with enjoying the water and scenery, and hanging out with friends!

gates fishing-5

gates fishing-2

gates fishing-6

gates fishing-16

This band of horses traversing along the bank was quite picturesque, and brought to mind the history of this area. Lewis and Clark traveled through here… can you imagine their party passing through this spot? They walked these shores, survived these mountains. It’s something I often consider when adventuring in the outdoors and wildness around Montana. Imagine the effort and challenges faced by those who settled here. This is not the easiest place to choose to live – even today. But I think there’s a reason it’s called “the last best place.”

gates fishing-14

gates fishing-17

gates fishing-1

Lewis and Clark named this spot, called Gates of the Mountains. On July 19, 1805, Captain Lewis wrote:

This evening we entered much the most remarkable clifts that we have yet seen. these clifts rise from the waters edge on either side perpendicularly to the height of 1200 feet. … the river appears to have forced its way through this immense body of solid rock for the distance of 5-3/4 Miles … I called it the gates of the rocky mountains.