Luxor in Las Vegas

For a little break from the cold weather, J and I took a long weekend trip to Las Vegas. It was wonderful. To put things in perspective, it snowed the day we returned home. Those days of sunshine and warmth – along with unplugging from everything – were just what I needed.



It was also a chance to break out the camera and re-learn some of the fun features on the Fuji X-T20. The main reasons I chose this camera were the size/build of the body and the built-in film effects that can by applied to photos.

I really enjoy shooting film, but it can be pricey… so I was looking for a digital option that would provide much of the same feel as my old analog cameras. The added capability of having “films” applied in-camera made the Fuji X-T20 an appealing choice. That being said, we decided to sell our house and move after I purchased it, and I did not put much time into testing or using it. Until now!



I flipped through my manual and set up the camera to shoot both RAW files and JPEGs – so I could compare the film-applied JPEGs with what I would usually get and edit before posting. For this trip, I chose the Fuji Velvia film – to emphasize color and some contrast.




My biggest concern was how the camera would perform in such low-light situations as the interior of a casino. Would I need the RAW files to be able to recover data for my shots to make them look best? Would the film be too “strong” in its effect on the photos?

Happily, I found that the JPEGs were to my liking. Editing photos can really drain the fun from them for me… that is a big part of why I like analog. I’m stuck with what I get – I can fix the exposure a little, maybe the contrast – but that’s it. All of these photos were a similar experience. I adjusted exposure on a couple, bumped contrast slightly or corrected the white balance a little – and that is it. I can get back to shooting more and editing less with this little Fuji!